Miley Cyrus – “Week Without You” | Review

Miley Cyrus continues down this long, winding, boring country road on her latest break-up ballad, “Week Without You.”

Okay, so I think it’s obvious by now that we aren’t into Cyrus’s new sound.

“Malibu” was fun and enjoyable but lacked anything to get your teeth into, “Younger Now” was great, to begin with, but has failed on its memorability test (I literally can’t think of the melody) and now we have this.

One week before dropping he new album, Younger Now, Cyrus wanted to wet our appetites – and she failed.

We appreciate that she’s trying a new thing and we support her on that – it doesn’t mean we have to like it.

While we still believe that this era is very fake and purposefully boring in order to combat the massive shit-tip that she got herself into during the last few years, we can accept that maybe (just maybe) she’s turned a corner.

Some people will be totally into this and love the fact that Cyrus has gone country, but it’s not for us thanks, we’ll be waiting for a new “We Can’t Stop,” or even “Can’t Be Tamed.”

Check out the new track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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