Liquid Monk – “Liquid Monk” | Album Review

Liquid Monk create one of the most cohesive string of songs of the year with their self-titled debut album.

The band are one of the premiere groups coming out of Detroit right now, and it’s no surprise listening to their debut!

Liquid Monk is one of those rare sets of music that just feels right, barely and album at just eight songs long is usually annoying, but here it sounds complete.

The band, known for incorporating an array of live instrumentation alongside electronics creating an organic electro sound come across like a modern day soul group with the slick beats and glorious vocals that grace the tracks.

“Hollywood” and “Nighttime” with Jaye Prime and Kameryn Ogden open the album with an upbeat, club orientated vibe before their first instrumental track, “Cold Brew,” switches the sound of the album towards a more laidback, easy-listening soulful atmosphere.

Prime appears again with Hugo Biggs on “On The Rocks,” where Biggs rapping has an old-school 90s hip-hop sound and sounds completely at home alongside Primes smooth and mysterious vocals.

There is one misfire here though, and that’s their last track, “Pistachio Magnum,” maybe it’s meant to show the band leaving this sound and cruising towards a more experimental song – but it just doesn’t work.

Check out the album below (or click here for more links) and let us know what you think in the comments!


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