ALMA – “Phases” ft. French Montana | Review

ALMA fails to reach the high of her previous track with the calmer French Montana assisted, ” Phases.”

The Finish star has gone from strength to strength since her debut with “Karma,” peaking with “Chasing Highs” that slowly but surely began to get played everywhere with its electro-house beats.

Unfortunately for us, the constant improvement has come to an end – although “Phases” isn’t a total disappointment.

The most frustrating thing about “Phases” is the fact it doesn’t go all the way, it’s just half electro and doesn’t fully discover how deep it could go like ALMA’s previous hits have – we understand you have to change your sound up, but do it for the best.

It comes across as more of an album filler than a full-blown single with its half-baked production and lack of ALMA’s powerful voice.

As we said previously, it’s not a bad track, but it’s by far her weakest – not even Montana, who’s been on fire this year, can save the song from being a dud.

Check out “Phases” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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