Alxndr London – “Today” | EP Review

Alxndr London delves more into his unique sound on his second EP, Today.

London is already making a splash, BBC Radio 1‘s Annie Mac, featured him on her ‘New Names to Watch 2016’ list, following his critically-acclaimed debut EP, A Long Time Ago, as well as performing at his sold-out debut headline show at The Nines in Peckham last year.

Today picks up where his debut left off, his unique yet truly beautiful sounds are back and rather than stay safe (for him anyway), he’s pushed the bar even further, delving into other genres while staying true to his core sound.

For instance, the two most commercial tracks, “Circus Of Mermaids” and “Bed Bugz,” take electronic and house genres, respectively, and he manages to twist the sound to make it truly his – as well as layering his distinctly pitched vocal that gently kisses the production.

“Kraken,” while a disgusting drink, makes for a brilliant song, bringing in ambient, atmospheric sounds to create a sense of drama and mystery from the outset – if this song was\is your intro to the singer, it would definitely give you a sense of what to expect – the unexpected.

“April,” the track that London chose to kick off this EP launch is no less amazing as it was when he released it, but the real surprise here is the final song, “Solo” – a simple piano ballad where his haunting vocal is the main draw of the song.

We can’t wait for an LP from the star!

Check out the EP below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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