Marlene – “Miss You A Little” | Review

Marlene slows things down a but for her new single, the heartbreaking, “Miss You A Little.”

The Swedish star is yet to reach the levels of Zara Larrson, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t released some quality singles, in fact, she’s released a lot better material – take “Indian Summer,” for example.

This year alone, she’s released her brilliant EP, Sweet, although it’s technically an album at eight songs long  – showing us just how good she can be.

Well, after a pop-tastic debut, she’s slowing the pace for her latest single.

The mid-tempo pop ballad discusses the hurt that we all go through in heartbreak, whether we want to or not – we can all relate to the lyrics.

“I shouldn’t miss you tonight, but I miss you a little\I told myself that I’d be alright, but I’m not at all, ’cause I really miss you a little”

While it’s a ballad, Marlene does what she does best and slaps a great explosive chorus on it, something a lot of ballads just crawl into – that’s not the way to do it.

Is this the run-up to a full-length release? We really hope so!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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