J Balvin & Willy Williams- “Mi Gente” ft. Beyoncé | Review

Beyoncé comes the latest of a long list of songs to lend her vocals to a remix of a Spanish/English song – just like everything Beyoncé touches, it’s gold!

J Balvin and Willy Williams have already scored a top five hit with the single in the U.K, and it peaked at 19 on the Hot 100, but this new reggaeton remix, Beyoncé is donating all proceeds to the hurricane relief in the Caribean islands.

“Mi Gente” is already a great single, its production is similar to those crossover songs that we’ve heard recently, but it’s delivered harsher, more 90s club orientated than the kind of half-baked reggaeton songs we’ve heard of late.

Beyoncé commands attention here, not just because she’s a big name, but her vocal draws you in from her first line (even if you don’t understand what she says), it seems like Beyoncé’s otherworldly powers cross language barriers too.

Now we wait for the single to become a bigger hit than it already has been.

Check out the remix below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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