Saint Clair – “Amnesiac” | Review

Saint Clair picks up where her debut EP, D1, left off with her electronica based new single, “Amnesiac.”

Having grown up surrounded by painters, actors, and journalists, Saint Clair became the first in her family to turn to music, pursuing a career trajectory that’s so far taken her on the road as a backing vocalist for long-time friend Marling as well as supporting Bastille on tour.

Her last EP has a more commercial vibe to it, right up to the last song where more experimental tones crept in – she’s decided to follow down that route and we couldn’t be happier.

“Amnesiac” has the synth drops and electronic vibes that come with minimalist electro, but what’s interesting about the song is the way it manages to weave in soul, through the vocal delivery, and jazz through its honest lyrics.

“I’ve been living in my dreams, and I’m never going back. See there’s things I regret, and the’res things I’m trying to forget, like an amnesiac.”

Speaking about the track, she says; “‘Amnesiac’ is about desperately anticipating sleep in order to escape reality and live in your dreams instead; being transported to a place where everything is untouched and reimagined. And Rahm captured this world perfectly through his dreamy production.”

Her second EP, D2, is coming late November!

Check out the beautiful and dreamy new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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