Tom Forest – “Superhuman” | Review

Tom Forest continues to put his songwriting and vocal skills first on his latest release, “Superhuman.”

We covered Forest’s last single, “Believer,” a song that discussed his near abandoning of music, but we loved the more upbeat production that drew inspiration from such a tough time.

Forest, once again, draws from another personal experience; “‘Superhuman’ is about working too hard towards something, and becoming engulfed. I worked for a few years at a law firm with the idea that a solid, well-paid job would somehow help me cling on in London, making music. But I was juggling two careers with no space for anything else, to breaking point. Sometimes it is better to give up, and to go home if you can.” 

Even without knowing the backstory, you can hear in his voice that he’s singing from a place of pain, but in a more reflective and introspective way.

Forest’s sombre voice joined with the rousing and atmospheric production really allow the listener to become caught up in the song, and for the duration of the listen, feel a connection to the lyrics – ’cause we’ve all felt engulfed by something in life.

Check out “Superhuman” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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