Era Istrefi – “No I Love Yous” ft. French Montana | Review

Era Istrefi doesn’t hit the spot on her new French Montana assisted single, “No I Love Yous.”

We love Istrefi’s breakthrough, “Bonbon,” and not even the English version – I mean, that song is still everything!

And that’s the problem with her latest single, it’s just not as good.

All stars hit this kind of wall, but usually, they change their image or sound; like Beyoncé and Gaga, but this song still fits in the same bracket as her previous track.

“No I Love Yous” isn’t bad, it contains the trip-hop and electro elements that are hugely popular right now and production-wise, it’s actually really good – it’s just not “Bonbon” good.

Shoutout to Montana though, his flow on this track is A*!

We’re still living for you though, Istrefi.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

One thought on “Era Istrefi – “No I Love Yous” ft. French Montana | Review

  1. I love the song!! All her songs are catchy and I like her more than French Montana on this track.. she would be great in america she jus need to do a track wit a different artist.. maybe a video wit Rhianna being they sound alike.. would be cool… I can’t wait for her to completely cross over!!!


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