Fifi Rong – “The One” | Review

Fifi Rong enters unmarked territory with her airy and upbeat new single, “The One.”

The new track represents the final installment in a trilogy of singles, which began with the critically acclaimed, “Future Never Comes,” and continued with the equally celebrated “The Same Road.”

If you’ve become attached to the dark-electro vibes of the previous singles (and even her career so far), expect to be disappointed¬†because they’ve been replaced with echoing pop sounds mixed with some lite-reggae and a sense of mid-naughties pop – a much more innocent time of pop.

Rong’s pitched vocal sounds at home here, and it also shows her maturing as an artist; playing with sounds that you’re not used to and taking risks – which have paid off massively in this case.

Talking about the track, Rong stated;¬†“Whereas a lot of my songs/productions represent only a part of me, this track sums up my creative evolution really nicely. It combines my very early influences in sounds and the most recent progress in my songwriting. It’s something I’m proud to present as a true reflection of where I am musically. Whilst the soundscape of this production is dark and quirky, I’m definitely having fun with it all, finding peace in seemingly bad situations and enjoying life as it comes.”

We are definitely ready for album number two!

Check out “The One” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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