Jessie Ware – “Egoísta” | Review

Jessie Ware makes a rare misstep with her latest release, “Egoísta” – although you might recognise the track.

Spanish tracks are everything right now, “Despacito” broke fuck loads of records and even the Queen B herself, Beyoné, has joined forces with J Balvin on “Mi Gente” – Ware wants to add her own name to that list.

Turns out, there’s just no point.

So far, Ware’s album run has been successful, we didn’t really like “Selfish Love,” but we understand the love – well, the singer has run with the Spanish themes in the song and gone and recorded the whole thing in Spanish – hence “Egoísta.”

Ware sounds actually pretty great singing in another language, but we just don’t see the point in this release – it adds nothing to our life.

Thankfully, “Egoísta” doesn’t appear on her upcoming album, Glasshouse.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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