Jessie J – “Not My Ex” | Review

Jessie J opens her heart even further on her new single, “Not My Ex.”

Hot on the heels of the restrained, and pretty great, “Think About That,” the British singer has shared the second taste of her upcoming EP, R.O.S.E, which stands for Realisations, Obsessions, Sex and Empowerment.

“Not My Ex” opens with a simple slow beat, a minimal production that was introduced on her last single, but rather than stay in that light, it expands into a more commercial R&B/pop mid-tempo track.

What was so great about “Think About That” was Jessie’s restrained approach, something she has struggled with on past albums – well, it seems like she’s forgotten that here and gone back to a bit of oversinging.

With a great voice like hers, oversinging isn’t always bad, in fact, I’m a critic that usually enjoys it – just not here.

The track talks about exes and how they treated her a relationship and how it’s easy to carry those emotions into more relationships, but overall, they’re not her ex and now she can fall for a new man.

“My ex used to tell me I’m flawless, when laying low with all the girls/Believed him when he said he was honest, then blame myself when I got hurt”

The single might not be as instant as “Price Tag” or “Bang Bang,” but we have to appreciate the star for feeling ready to open up to a large audience.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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