Wretch 32 – “His & Hers (Perspectives)” | Review

Wretch 32 releases the best single of his career with the two-sided “His & Hers.”

The British rapper has gone through a few sounds in his career, but his latest era, he seems to have reached the path that suits him perfectly, releasing three of his best songs – “Whistle,” “Tell Me” and this track.

“His & Hers,” without paying attention to the lyrics, is just a simple lowkey track where the solo star spits bars – but when you do pay attention to the bars, it comes to life!

Critics often pay too much attention to lyrics, quoting songs that are on about getting pissed and having fun, but when a song is actually meant to centre around the lyrics, it’s kinda magical.

The track gives the perspectives of two people in a relationship, both opposing and in the end, though the pain they still love each other.

When Wretch is rapping as the man in the relationship he states things such as; “every time I ring you, your phone is in your bag but everytime I’m with you, your phone is in your hand/yeah I get annoyed and you say I’m paranoid” – every line basically hinting at his girlfriend cheating.

Interestingly, Wretch then raps the female role, indicated by a vocal effect and fires back; “I don’t think you respect me” and “I trust you with my life, and you hit me twice,” before going on to explain his jealous; “I might reply to a DM but you go the distance.”

At the end of each perspective, they state, “it’s just my point of view you don’t have to change nothing” and then “it’s only my point of view but you’ll probably beg to differ.”

Not only is this song incredibly raw, but it explains a lot of issues in relationships in the younger generation (and all generations really), jealousy, paranoia and the problem that social media can become.

One of Wretch’s more simple tracks but definitely one of his most effective.

Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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