Craig David – “For The Gram” | Review

Craig David delivers one of the weakest tracks of his career with his latest track, “For The Gram.”

David’s seventh studio album, The Time Is Now, is due in January and by the sounds of it, he should have left it cooking for at least another six months!

Proceeded by the weak-ass lead single, “Heartline,” “For The Gram” takes another chunk out the huge wave of momentum that he got from Following My Intuition.

David is dropping the sound that made him, garage – sometimes (most of the time) it’s good for an artist to experiment, but with David, it just doesn’t seem to be working.

Maybe it’s not working because the audience he targets himself at see David as the star he was during “7 Days” and “Rewind” – and without being rude, that’s the only market he has.

We know he can rap, but we want to hear him sing – and if he does rap, why the hell does it sound like any old Joe off the street?!

We understand that the record label wants to shove another album out as fast as possible to catch the momentum from last years return, but is it worth it if the material is crap!?

Check out his new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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