Nicole Millar – “Blindfolded” | Review

Nicole Millar turns the dial up a few notches and releases the best song of her career with the electro-pop banger, “Blindfolded.”

The Australian singer-songwriter released two brilliant EPs last year, Tremble and Communication, with the later cementing the star’s path towards electro-pop greatness.

“Blindfolded” is a shimmering electro track that has an undeniable groove in the synths that lie just under the production and carry the track.

What makes this song step out from her previous material is its pop vibes and melody – its delivery is something you’d expect from the greatest pop songs, instead, it’s layered over this cool and edgy Kilter produced beat.

Millar also opens her heart to us, discussing a troubled relationship and how jealousy, anxiety, and anger can play a role in putting a relationship to sleep.

“What am I, what am I, what I am doing?/What if it’s in my head and I lose him?/Can we talk, can we talk, can we talk again?/One more time, let me in, please listen.”

The first taste from the stars debut album has set the bar high – we’ll be waiting to see if she can top it!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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