Hundred Handed | Interview

We had a little chat with Jordan McGraw, the lead singer from Hundred Handed, about the bands latest single, what influences them and what’s next for the band!

Your latest track, “Miss California,” is an absolute bop! How did the track come about??

JM: One of our favorite people to write and record with is our friend Mike Green. He’s worked with Drew and I on a couple different bands that we’ve been in and this one has been no different. Miss California was the first song we did with Mike for Hundred Handed. We’ve since written probably 15 more with him.

You’ve released a couple of other tracks this year, “Vibe” and “Celebrate,” what was the reason for releasing three tracks in such a small amount of time?

JM: We wanted people to hear this band grow sonically as we figured ourselves out. We didn’t want to hide away in a room piecing together our sound without anyone getting to hear what we were doing… So we just put things out each time something represented a step forward.

Your sound is very fun and gives off a very carefree vibe- is this the feeling you want to give when people listen to your music?

JM: Of course! Drew and I have been in so many bands that lost the fun over time. They’d get too serious or poorly motivated or people would start complaining about stupid things and not just enjoying the journey. We actually had a singer of one of our old bands complain about having the wrong shaped mic stand right before playing a festival for thousands of people… That attitude is just disrespectful to the privilege of getting to play music for a living. So we started Hundred Handed and never looked back.

How do you feel your sound is different to other bands in your genre, what makes you stand out from the crowd? 

JM: Our music is a direct reflection of our personalities. We don’t worry about what we should be doing… We just make music that we would listen to.

You’ve both been in other bands before, why did they not work out, and what makes Hundred Hundred feel so right?

JM: Like I said before, it’s all about the attitude you have when approaching this kind of adventure. The music business is one of the toughest, most unfair businesses you could involve yourself in… if you don’t keep yourself intact you’re fucked.

You state Michael Jackson and Daft Punk as influences, are there any artists in the mainstream (other than Daft Punk) that influence your sound and attitude towards music?

JM: I think my biggest mainstream influences is a Belgian artist called Stromae. I think he’s an absolutely amazing artist in every aspect. Check him out.

Your debut single, “She Was The One” has rocked up a couple of million hits over on Spotify, how exciting was it to see the numbers grow to such a mass amount?

JM: That was pretty surreal. It just kind of kept going haha.

How was it performing at one of the biggest New Year events, Dick Clark New Year’s Eve Inaugural VIP Party last year?

JM: We rang in the New Year under the biggest party banner in the business in the NYE capital of the world in a room full of fun people… I think that sums it up.

What can we expect from Hundred Handed next?Is there another EP in the pipeline? An Album? World domination?

JM: World domination is imminent. An EP first though! Very soon.

Good luck with everything, and again, thanks for chatting with us!

JM: Thank you!

Check out their breakthrough hit below!

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