MiC LOWRY – “Can’t Lie” | Review

“Can’t Lie” is another example of why MiC LOWRY is one of the best bands around right now!

MiC LOWRY (pronounced Mike Lowery) are going back to basics and attempting to become the next big boyband by, you’ll never guess, using actual talent!

They’re last few releases, “Don’t Tempt Me,” which concentrates solely on the harmonies and vocals, and “Whiskey Kisses,” a track that is an high-octane R&B song with strong electro-house influences that could have easily been a Jason Derulo or Chris Brown song (when they were still at their A game).

“Can’t Lie” finds itself somewhere in the middle, an upbeat song with a trip-hop vibe and understated synths that build into a laidback R&B-pop chorus where the attention is thrown directly onto the beautiful harmonies of the boys.

What’s most impressive about these guys is that they rest on their talents (singing, harmonies, ear for a tune) instead of their looks (which they aren’t exactly lacking), too many boybands come around nowadays that try and become the next big thing by relying on their looks.

We can’t wait to hear the bands upcoming EP, Mood, out next Friday, and see what more the band has to offer!

Check out their latest track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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