Song Of The Week: Dagny – “Love You Like That” | Review

You know when you listen to a track and you just think; “God, this is a bloody good pop song?” – well, Dagny‘s latest release, “Love You Like That,” is just one of those.

Dagny has been a pop blog darling for a while, well, because she’s fucking amazing – although her last track, a cover of “More More More,” made us extremely nervous that her crown and pop sensibilities we’re falling.

But, mere weeks later she has given us exactly what we need, a fucking pop explosion of a moment.

“Love You Like That” just feels right when you listen to it, it’s incredibly modern sounding, but like all great pop songs, it has a cheeky nod to the synth-laden and bombastic pop chorus times of the 80s.

Dagny sound incredible on the track, no sign that her voice is wearing after relentlessly touring throughout the year – as well as releasing track after track.

We are so happy that the blog Princess of pop is back on top form!

Check out her latest single below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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