Asha | Interview

We caught up with one of the U.K’s brightest pop talents, Asha, to talk about her return to music, her latest single, “Say My Name,” and what (and who) influences her.

Hi there, Asha! Thanks for talking to us!

You’re officially back with “Say My Name” – is it good to be back releasing music?

It feels amazing to be releasing music again, it’s been hard being away but I’m back and better!

We love the new track! But how did the single come around – where did the idea come from? 

It was a dedication to my boyfriend, the song isn’t about a literal car, it’s about him driving me crazy in a good way, and how I don’t want that to stop!

You had a little break in between your releases, how has that affected your music? Has it increased your passion for making music?

If anything it has made me much more passionate about my music, I’m writing every moment I get and I’m thinking about music 24/7…writing is not what I do, it’s who I am.

There has been a slight change in sound from your earlier releases – was this a conscious decision or did it just come naturally during the production process?

As an artist you grow and evolve as time goes on, your sound doesn’t change it just matures, I think it just came naturally.

Your debut track, “We Can Do This,” and “Record Straight” (and basically everything you release) has garnered critical acclaim from music critics – how did it feel to receive such a warm response from the get-go?

It was refreshing to know that the world accepted a sound that I thought was so different, I didn’t think I would be so warmly accepted but it was beautiful, especially when this industry is so critical, I felt like I had done it all right.

You’re a London baby, has your upbringing in Croydon influenced our music in any way, and how so?

I never want to forget where I have come from and I think that this shows in my music, I think it is important as an artist to stick to your roots because it’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the industry.

So, what’s next for one of the U.K’s fastest rising pop talents?

Expect more.. a lot more!!

And finally, if you could invite any three musicians, dead or alive, to a dinner party – who would you choose and why?

Kehlani – she influences all my new material

Adele- because she reminds me to keep it real and not forget who I am and where I come from

Amy Winehouse – because she was the reason why I started this journey ❤️

Thanks for chatting with us!

Check out the latest track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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