Matt Terry – “Sucker For You” | Review

Matt Terry slides further into musical obscurity with his first proper single, “Sucker For You.”

Remember when X Factor had the power behind it for its winners to take a year away from the spotlight before releasing their sure-fire smash hit single – well, those days are long behind us.

Terry made the wrong decision when the first song to feature his vocals (outside the winners single) on Enrique Iglesias’s “Subeme La Radio,” the first taste of new music is you as a feature – poor ass decision there.

Well, almost a year after his win, the anticipation┬ástill isn’t high – and it’s a good job because the track whimpers rather than roars.

“Sucker For You,” like Terry pointed out, is different to the ballad that everyone expected from him, and we’re kinda wishing he stuck with ‘what was expected’.

A debut single (we’re calling this his debut, a winners single barely counts) should mark out who you are as an artist, where your sound is going go, what your album will sound like – this track doesn’t, it sounds like the rest of the mid-tempo pop songs out there without even a slither of originality.

Terry’s voice is actually really nice and has an intriguing tone to it, but this song doesn’t do it justice.

At this current moment the single is at 40 on the U.K iTunes Chart – go back to the drawing board, please.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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