New Portals – “Sober” | Review

New Portals deliver a simple yet amazing track in the form of their new single, “Sober.”

It’s good timing to have a song called “Sober” in October, the month that Macmillan Cancer Support starts it’s Go Sober For October campaign – the duo are actually donating all proceeds from the single to this cause, so go and buy it!

You shouldn’t need much convincing after listening to it, to be honest, it’s a great track!

The duo stay with their classic and much loved chilled electronics mixed with a laidback pop melody and dreamy guitar riffs – basically, the track is fucking great.

I like to party when we’re sober, don’t need no buzz when you come over,” offering a cute little saying to tell our partners (well, not me), and with the sweet tone of Ruth’s voice, it just adds an extra layer of warmth.

The track follows their highly acclaimed debut EP, Stereo, that was released back in March – you can hear how the more pop vibes from the EP have crossed over into this song, it sounds much commercial than the kind of tracks they started out with (can we just state here that commercial isn’t bad! Commerical always gets a terrible wrap – Whitney, MJ and Madonna were commercial, so take that!).

Check out their latest track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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