Island Club – “Irresistible” | Review

Island Club bring their undeniable groove on their latest single, “Irresistible.”

The five-piece band from Brighton have made a name for themselves throughout 2017 with their indie-synth-pop jams that you just can’t help move to – I guess you’d call them “Irresistible” (I’m judging myself too for that awful pun).

The band returns to a distinctly┬ámore indie sound after “Call It What You Want” had more of a pop vibe, and we’re totally living for it – the stronger indie sound really suits the unique lead vocal.

The upbeat tempo is the kind of post-summer track you need to lift your spirits (especially after the rainforest like rain that hits Britain in autum).

The U.K is producing some absolute stellar artists and bands this year and it looks like Island Club have cemented their name on that list with this release.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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