K.I.D – “Elevator” | Review

K.I.D just keep getting better, “Elevator” proves why they’re on the verge of being their next big thing in music.

The duo have been racking up the streams over on Spotify since their debut with their slightly more indie sound (and we mean slightly, their music was still pop), culminating in their last EP, the brilliant Poster Child, but now they’re ready for a new sound.

Following their previous single, “Happy When I Cry,” it’s pretty evident they are going down a more electronic route.

Let’s get the obvious out the way, “Elevator” is about getting finger/wanked off in a lift/elevator/up and down thing – before anyone thinks “this is terrible,” just think if you’ve ever got up to ANYTHING in public that you shouldn’t, I bet there aren’t many that can say they haven’t!

The electronic and synth sounds that swirl around the guitar lead cumulate in a fantastic chorus that takes you into your own little world.

The deep-house style of the bridge really adds another layer to the song, spicing the production up a bit as well as giving us life!

Thanks for being great, K.I.D.

Check out their new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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