Song Of The Week: Keir – “Squeeze Me” | Review

Keir explosive return with “Squeeze Me” eclipses pretty much everybody this week!

Keir has been amazing everyone with his intense live shows which we, unfortunately, haven’t been able to attend, but after listening to this track we will definitely try a little harder to go!

Some might argue that this isn’t a pop song – well, I say; what is this song, it crosses many genre barriers.

If you listen to me and agree, some might say that it’s not the best pop song of the week – well, I counter that with;┬áname a song that makes more of an impact!

It’s often a tough decision every week to decide what deserves the top spot, but this week after listening to every track, Keir kept popping into my head.

“Squeeze Me” is a dramatic song that doesn’t confine itself to any genre – while the verses are like a straight-jacket restraining the star, the chorus explodes and crashes giving us life!

Keir’s remarkable and unique voice is instantly the star of the show, his tone, pitch and projection are just flawless from start to finish.

We literally have no bad words to say about this track, it’s fucking amazing!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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