Mariah Carey – “The Star” | Review

Remember when Mariah Carey was THE vocal star of the world, well, with the release of “The Star,” we see her legend slip further and further.

It’s no secret that Carey isn’t the vocal powerhouse that she once was, you only have to YouTube recent performances or last years New Year’s Eve show to see that, but her recent ballad, “The Star,” makes this more evident than ever before.

Her ballads are the stuff of legend, you can listen to “Hero” or “Vision Of Love” and still be amazed by her vocal prowess – and now we just get this middle of the road ballad.

To be fair to her, the vocal isn’t terrible, it’s just not Carey vocal that we have become accustomed to, but other than that, the song is shit – least it’s not her single, just the title track to an upcoming soundtrack.

Even the power notes her lack enthusiasm and power, maybe it’s time for Carey to hang up her singing boots – unless she has another “We Belong Together,” “It’s Like That” or “All I Want For Christmas.”

Check out her latest track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

One thought on “Mariah Carey – “The Star” | Review

  1. What kind of trash writes a review that calls someone’s hard work “shit’? Could you think of no other metaphor? It’s your review that’s worthy of the toilet. The song offers clear, strong vocals and needn’t be all about vocal gymnastics or whistletones. Let the woman age and sing what fits within her range today, rather than continue to compare her to the ingĂ©nue that burst onto the scene nearly three decades ago. She’s here now and still performing, and you should enjoy it while you can.


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