Natives – “Pray” | Review

Natives return with a bang on their explosive new single, “Pray.”

It’s been a while since we last heard from the tribal-pop band – nine months is a long time in music – and it seems as though they’re better than ever!

If you’ve been following the bands latest releases like “Passion” and “Warpaint,” you’ll know they’re a totally different band to what they were in 2014, with more indie-pop tracks like “Can’t Say No” – we must say, we are obsessed with their refreshing new sound.

“Pray” sounds like their last few releases but on a few steroids, offering bigger beats, more anthemic vibes and just overall more greatness.

The song starts out quite restrained with the production acting more as an undercurrent till Jim Thomas’s vocals lead us into the explosive, stadium-filling chorus that lifts you and takes you to their little tribal-pop world (even if you are laying on the bed like I am now).

Everything about “Pray” is just right so we can’t be mad that they’ve been away a while. There may not be any news on an album just yet, but with the amazingness of this track, we’re sure it’ll be coming sooner rather than later!

Check out “Pray” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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