SPELLES – “Teach Me How To Pray” | Review

SPELLES is here to captivate us in her hauntingly beautiful sound on her second single, “Teach Me How To Pray.”

The singer’s career started off with a bang, receiving a sync on Pretty Little Liars for “Bird in a Cage,” a song unreleased at the time. Since this epic start, SPELLES has had more syncs and played some arresting live shows, including opening for Skott – who is pretty fucking amazing!

SPELLES second single is one of those songs that grabs your attention from the opening note, in this case, it’s a simple yet haunting single piano note – before her beautiful and arresting vocal takes hold and keeps you there for the rest of the track.

“Teach Me How To Pray” seems a natural step after “Dead In The Water” (the acoustic version is possible as good as the original – her vocals!!!), with it’s mysterious and haunting vibes that we can’t get enough of!

“I think I was in my kitchen and I started singing the backing vocals out of nowhere.” shares SPELLES, “I immediately sang them to Luc who started playing bass to it and we pretty much came up with the basic song structure on the spot. It was one of those rare songs that came together really quickly, so it was exciting.”

We wait to see what else the star releases next!

Check out her latest track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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