Selena Gomez X Marshmello – “Wolves” | Review

“Wolves,” the new collaboration between Selena Gomez and Marshmello is as good as it is frustrating!

Marshmello is quite the producer, isn’t he?! Racking up hundreds of millions of streams on Spotify without really having a huge hit is some going – kind of similar to Gomez then isn’t it.

Both are great artists awaiting a huge hit, unfortunately, “Wolves” isn’t going to be that hit.

As much as we detested “Bad Liar” at the time of its release, we must admit that it’s grown on us over time and we might even sing to it if it comes on while shopping – still not admitting it’s a good song though.

But that’s an example of a song that’s catchy and semi-decent that suits the star, something that “Wolves” doesn’t do.

The worst thing about the track is that it doesn’t sound like a natural track for Gomez or the mysterious and masked (well, helmeted) Marshmello – especially for him, whose sounds are usually a lot bigger, more unique and less commercial.


The song is quite good if you take the names that are involved out of it and imagine it as two newbies – so there’s the saving grace that we’re just going to add at the bottom of a post bashing the song.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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