Carly Eden & iamVERSATILE – “Primal” | Review

Carly Eden and iamVERSATILE have dropped another great tune in the form of the wild “Primal.”

We covered their last track, and debut, “Ordinary,” which we totally fell in love with from first listen, a perfect mix of Eden’s great and unique vocal with iamVERSATILE’s brilliant songwriting.

“Primal” is as equally a bop as “Ordinary” but in a different way; their new track has more understated verses before it runs into a dance-pop chorus, compared to the four-to-floor style of the previous.

Eden’s vocal shines across the whole song, even when it’s distorted a little over the chorus, it feels right (unlike a track we’ve recently reviewed where the voice was auto-tuned within an inch of its life), yet it never overshadows the production (that animal roar in the final chorus though!) and vice-versa.

iamVERSATILE and Eden make a great combo and we hope they stick together in upcoming releases because it really works!

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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