Clean Bandit – “I Miss You” ft. Julia Michaels | Review

We won’t lie, we’re a little underwhelmed with Clean Bandit and Julia Roberts new collaboration, “I Miss You.”

Clean Bandit are basically one of the biggest bands to come out of the U.K in recent years, backed up with some amazing hits like “Rockabye” and “Rather Be,” so when we heard they were teaming up with one of pops brightest rising stars, Michaels, we were fucking excited.

Maybe we set the bar a little too hight.

“I Miss You” never quite reaches the highs that it should, you are constantly waiting for the beat to properly drop, and once you get the final chorus and it still hasn’t, well, you’re left feeling disappointed and deflated – not that the production is terrible, it’s just no where near as pumping and energising as it deserves to be.

The reason for this might be that Michaels sound is pretty laidback, and to be fair, the production does really suit the tone of her voice, but it just isn’t very exciting.

We expect huge pop moments from Bandit, even the flop Marina and The Diamonds collab, “Disconnect,” is a moment – there’s always next time.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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