Song Of The Week: Blessed – “Pride” | Review

In a week full of mediocre releases, Blessed stand out with their brilliant new track, “Pride.”

21 days after their last track, the band are wasting no time in getting music out there – not that we’re complaining!

This duo just don’t make a bad track, like, are they some kind of musical geniuses?!? Their debut EP, See Through All The Colours, was a fucking bop and it’s follow-up single,”Howlin,” was perfection – now we have “Pride!”

The track is lodged in your head from first listen with it’s easy and breezy (not meaning to sound so corny) flow that just bounces from beat to beat while the girl’s great harmonies and delivery grace the pop-tastic production.

Blessed just ooze confidence that comes through, not only in the lyrics but within their whole stance over each track – these girls know what they’re doing and they’re going to go straight to the top!

We’re going to start a petition to make Blessed the U.K’s greatest band at the moment – not that there’s much competition, but even if there was they’d be at the top because they’re amazing!

Check their new track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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