Matty Carter + Ariel – “Ready To Die” | Review

Matty Carter + Ariel give us some Halloween realness on their new single, “Ready To Die.”

The mysterious duo released their debut EP, Young Bones, back in June and throughout listening to it, we couldn’t help but think that the dark and eerie sound of their production could be turned up a bit and go in a more rock direction – well, it’s happened.

The pairs sound can’t be constricted by genre boundaries and it crosses so many of them, from pop and rock to trap and punk-esque influences.

“Ready To Die” is instantly harsher than their previous releases with a harsh synth drum dragging you straight from your sofa into this beautiful, yet equally as haunting place of musical greatness – just in time for Halloween.

Carter’s raspy vocal (that we still get Michael Jackson vibes from) perfectly suits the harsher tones of the single while Ariel’s softer and pitchier tone offers a juxtaposition that works so well, as always.

Carter + Ariel are already making waves in the music-sphere and we can’t wait to see what they release next!

Check out their latest track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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