Jerry Williams – “Let’s Just Forget It” | EP Review

Jerry Williams has finally released her last acoustic track version of “Let’s Just Forget It,” and she’s gone and bundled it along with the previously released ones on a little four-track EP.

Williams has been capturing hearts recently with her acoustic takes on her own originals and we’re not surprised the world is slowly falling in love with her – how could you resist her adorable voice!?

The EP strips the production and allows her smooth, soft, emotive and cute af vocal soar and become the main star of the show.

With the stripped back production comes a clearer listen at the lyrics which are truly beautiful and proves that Williams does not get the credit she deserves as a songwriter.

Picking a favourite out of these amazing, laidback tracks is hard, but “Velcro” manages to keep the edgy sound of the original while adding a whole new layer the already great track.

The standout track, in terms of sound, is the five million streamed hit, “Mother,” the fast-paced guitar run links very closely with the original (which is a good thing) and manages to stop the EP from being full of mid-tempo tracks.

We’re so excited to see what the star offers next!

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