Luxia – “Loserville” | Review

If you haven’t heard Luxia‘s debut, “Me, My Selfie and I,” she’s making sure you hear her with her second offering, the thunderous, “Loserville.”

The Swedish star released her tongue-in-cheek debut back in July and went on to receive a cult-like status thanks to its witty take on culture as well as Luxia’s ability to make a jokey song an actual bop.

Well, “Loserville” is even better!

It opens with explosive electro beats that shudder and command your attention from the get-go while Luxia talk-sings over them with more witty lyrics, “Welcome to Loserville, population one, you!”

Luxia has pop written in her DNA, coming from Sweden, but her music rests on more than just great production, behind the witty lines and great delivery, she actually has a brilliant voice – giving us serious Robyn, Scissor Sisters and early Gwen Stefani vibes that we are just obsessed with.

Speaking on the track, Luxia states: “’Loserville’ is about that poisonous thing in your life – it could be a relationship or a thing in your head – and telling it/him/her to fuck off to Loserville. I’ve had many inner demons trying to make me feel like shit and so I was mainly thinking of that when recording the song. Loserville is a bitch but ends up healing your ass.”

Check the brilliant track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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