Jordan Bratton – “Driver’s Ed” | Mixtape Review

Jordan Bratton makes us which our “Driver’s Ed” was as good as his new EP is to our ears!

It’s rare nowadays that a mixtape/EP/album truly blows our mind because it’s all been done before, but Bratton shows us a take on a classic genre that impresses us more than usual.

Driver’s Ed, largely offers us a take on contemporary¬†R&B (you know the one we used to love back in the day) but gives us an entirely new spin on it adding trap-like influences like on the brilliant “Spaces” and the dream-pop incorporating “Whoo” (which actually reminded us of Christina Aguilera’s “Wooo” when we read the title, thankfully it sounds nothing like that!).

There are a couple of surprises across the album the Bruno Mars style, “Golden Eyes,” with its throwback vibes and effortless cool swag. The other surprise the strangely but brilliantly put together, “Family,” which contains a gospel main section, but is opened and closed by an intense piano that really does get your heart racing – oh, we haven’t mentioned that the entire mixtape was produced by Bratton himself (wow!!!).

Across the mixtape there are by the book style songs like the classic R&B ballad “Matrix,” the electro-pop and boyband sounding, “The Hills In Heaven” and straight-up piano ballad, “The Things.”

But on the whole, the mixtape shows a star that is going out his way to add exciting new life into a genre that seems to have been around forever by incorporating¬†different genres like pop, R&B, trap and even hip-hop in production as well as his own rapping, which he’s actually brilliant at (just check out the acapella style, “Intro).

Check out the mixtape below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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