Saint Clair – “Human Touch” | Review

Saint Clair stuns on her latest track, “Human Touch.”

The Londoner is on fire at the moments, her previous single, “Amnesiac” is just a brilliant track that oozes cool vibes in its mysteriousness and now “Human Touch” – there’s just no stopping this woman!

The slow-burning new single continues with the more indie-pop direction of its predecessor, but it offers a whole new layer to add to the already impressive singer-songwriter.

Although indie-pop at it’s core, we hear some strong jazz influences here and we could just imagine hearing it in a little alt-jazz bar with her glorious vocals gracing each beat.

“I never knew I wanted you that much, before now/Just seeing you there in the crowd, knocked me for six and I’m down.”

Speaking about the sinuous track, Clair states; “‘Human Touch’ is a straight-up break-up anthem. I was in emotional limbo when an ex suddenly appeared at the back of a venue I was playing at, and it completely caught me off guard. The song is an exploration of that push and pull between revisiting the past and moving on for good.”

We can’t wait for the three-track EP that is expected to be released early 2018, the follow up to D1, D2.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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