Sera Eke – “Coup! Coup! Coup!” | Review

Sera Eke shows artistic vision on the title-track to her upcoming EP, Coup! Coup! Coup! (out 11 November).

Eke has arrived and she’s ready to make a statement! Her last track, the beautiful, yet seriously underrated “The Space Between Us,” didn’t make the waves it should have – well, she was preparing you bitches for what’s to come.

Gone is the haunted sound, and in its place are frantic and irregular beats that fire in all different directions but ultimately come together to make a great electro-pop song.

But to simply bracket this song into one genre is unfair, it contains dancehall, reggae, and ska influences that all show themselves at certain points – but can we just mention how pop this song actually is at it’s core?!

The EP that we can’t wait to share upon its release continues to show different sides to the star, who should definitely be bigger than what she is – the three-song EP is produced by Eke, if you’re not amazed after listening to the title-track, you definitely will when the EP is released.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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