Harlequiin – “Something​ To Believe In” | Review

Harlequiin give us some serious genre-bending goodness on their new track, “Something To Believe In.”

Harlequiin is a new project from Rory Simmons as producer/songwriter and, featuring the vocals of Elliot Cole. The first EP, Clock That’s Stopped, was an amazing piece of music, but it looks like their forthcoming one is going to be even better.

“Something To Believe In” is a glorious track, it contains genres that stick out so much, yet at the same time become tied together seamlessly in a beautiful melody – for instance, it has strong R&B vibes that wrapped on top of a harsh electro beat while containing the sensibilities and catchiness of pop.

The 80s synths that drive the song give the record a familiarly warm tone that burns through the glacial guitars and thumping beats.

The song can really appeal to anyone; lovers of electronic music as well as lovers of indie, pop or even futuristic R&B – well done for creating a universal song.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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