Jake Shears – “Creep City” | Review

Jake Shears takes us back to the good old days when we were obsessed with the Scissor Sisters with his debut solo track, “Creep City.”

Okay, we said ‘when we were obsessed with the Scissor Sisters’ like we still aren’t – we still listen to them all the time because they are amazing!

Shears has put off a solo expedition for a while as he lost confidence in himself away from band members as well as not wanting to do the whole cheesy ‘look, here I am alone’ routine – bit thankfully, for us, he’s back!

The Sisters frontman brings back the early vibes of the band with this theatrical debut that calls on larger than life synth drums and an 80s-tastic production that gives us all the life.

Shear’s vocal is as great as ever with his instantly recognisable pipes that could sing over anything and we’d still know who it was.

Making a sound that so close to what the Sisters did back in the day was a risk, but thankfully it pays off and delivers nostalgia to people of a certain age as well as offering a sound that younger generations may not be accustomed to.

Check out Shears solo debut below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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