Taylor Swift – “Call It What You Want” | Review

Taylor Swift surprises us with a mid-tempo bop in the form of her latest track, “Call It What You Want.”

If you told us we were going to enjoy a Swift song this era after “Look What You Made Me Do,” we’d have laughed in your face – well, don’t I feel stupid because I know like two (“Gorgeous” and now this, smh).

We will put it out there, we’re not a fan of Swift or her lyrics this era – playing the victim isn’t cute, but at least the track isn’t all victim, she mixes in a love story in there!

“My castle crumbled overnight/I brought a knife to a gunfight/They took the crown but it’s alright/All the liars are calling me one/Nobody’s heard from me in months/I’m doing better than I ever was.”

BUT, the production is simply fire, and it recalls on the pure-pop elements that she showed on her greatĀ 1989 album – in fact, it’d fit right on the album.

The ballad adds a layer of warmth to the largely cold and clinical releases that have come from the album so far, it’s nice to see Swift vulnerable rather than standing there looking strong and not taking criticism.

The last two releases have really lifted our spirits forĀ Reputation, which is due next week.

Check out Swifts latest track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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