Song Of The Week: Allie X – “Casanova​” ft. VÉRITÉ | Review

Two of the worlds best alt-pop artists, Allie X and VÉRITÉ, come together to create the effortlessly cool “Casanova.”

Allie and VÉRITÉ are both at the top of the sub-genre game, ruling synth and alt-pop music and showing everyone else how it’s done, so when we heard they we’re collaborating on an already great solo track of Allie’s, we were more than excited.

“Casanova” is a synth-pop track thats drenched in alt-house goodness that helped it stand out on Allie’s debut album – the commercial vibes of the track is something we don’t usually relate to the singer who usual opt’s for left of centre pop tunes.

Can we just talk about how good the two women sound together, it’s like they’re a duo already, we’re just putting it out there, if they wanted to stay together they could be called Allie V.

We’re currently sat here trying to think of a legit reason why this is our song of the week and to be honest, we really can’t think of one other than it being an absolute tune!

Usually there’s one stark and obvious point that makes a song stick out from the rest, this one doesn’t other than being pretty brilliant.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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