5 After Midnight – “Talk” | Review

5 After Midnight leave us feeling a little cold with their latest single, “Talk.”

The band, most know by those over 25 as the boyband that mimed on BGT earlier this year, are back with their third track – and we can’t say it fully lands.

We’ll start positive, the verses are actually promising with a thumping electronic beat that races towards the chorus that we expect is going to be a spectacle – we’ll it’s not.

The rest of the song is a little underwhelming.

The pulsing beat that raced towards the chorus kinda just carries on with the boys repeating the same line over and over again – much like the rest of the song, the lyrics are pretty dire.

Then there’s a contemporary┬áR&B style bridge that comes out of nowhere (like seriously, we’d expect it on an R.Kelly song) seems completely out of place and comes across as the band throwing a line to the style they sang live back on X Factor.

We’re not saying all hope is lost for the trio, we do see a lot of talent here, they just need to hone in on what makes the great and iron out the creases.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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