Acre Tarn – “Wilderness” | Review

Acre Tarn brings serious Grimes vibes on her new single, “Wilderness.”

The singer-producer is originally from the Lake District (if you’re not familiar, it’s a beautiful part of England where there is a lot of grass, hills, trees, water and really nice yet unusual accents – you should visit) and it seems as though the rugged landscape has impacted Tarns music more than we thought.

To straight compare Grimes and Tarns is silly because while their music does share stark similarities, they are in different realms really – Grimes is more on the pop side of electro-synth, whereas Tarns is more alternative.

The cutting and piercing production of “Wilderness” peaks in its final chorus where it becomes jagged, hypnotic and uplifting all in one – something you don’t see coming from the calmer, more straight-forward synth-pop opening.

Adding a celestial vibe is Tarns vocals, pitchy and piercing (in the most perfect way), rise above the disjointed production to take you to a higher place.

We can’t wait to see what else Tarns offers in the near future – if it’s half as good as “Wilderness” then we’re in for a treat!

Check the video out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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