Ed Caspian – “Back To The Bone” ft. Redrama & Sandra | Review

It’s very rare that three artists come together and can make a song that feels as right as this!

Producer, Ed Caspian is only 15 years old – yes, that’s right, 15 years, that’s seven years younger than me, and he’s producing music that sounds this right!

“Back To The Bone” sounds as though it could have been released by David Guetta or Skrillex, it has that kind of awareness and professionalism that exudes from each note that a more mature DJ usually has.

It’s safe to say that younger producers throw everything in their tracks, and while the track isn’t exactly a minimalist song, it does restrain itself in parts from going all in which works for the benefit of the track, allowing the vocals, particularly from Sandra, to shine.

Redrama’s tone and style of rapping really fit the fast-paced nature of the song, sounding less like a feature and more like a group (or at least a duo).

It’s just a joy to listen to when EDM is slowly dying out (practically¬†gone now to be fair).

Check out the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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