Natali Felicia – “Say It” | Review

Natali Felicia lines us all up for her martial new single, “Say It.”

Felicia is already a prominent public figure in Swede and has consistently been in the public eye as the daughter of Kjell Bergqvist, arguably Sweden’s most famous actor, and the fashionista and TV personality Yvonne Ryding, who as Miss Sweden won the Miss Universe crown in 1984 – so you know, her parents are only kind of famous.

But, with her music, you’d never guess at the upbringing she had with it’s down to earth and uniforming vibes and lyrics.

“Say It” urges the listener to speak without fear and not silence themselves, not only through its lyrics but through the urgency in her delivery and the martial production made up of drums and atmospheric background.

The glacial tone of Felicia’s voice could be a turn off from such enlightening lyrics, but it works in almost reverse, it draws you into the uniting lyrics and vibes.

Felicia is readying the release her debut album, a body of work featuring huge cinematic soundscapes and stunning glacial tones, showcasing the artist as one of the smartest and most interesting voices emerging from Stockholm today.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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