Jason Derulo – “Tip Toe” ft. French Montana | Review

If you’re a Jason Derulo fan, you’ll be happy to know that his new track, “Tip Toe” (featuring French Montana), is much better than his last single, “If I’m Lucky.”

Remember when Derulo was one of the worlds leading male singers – it seems like a million years ago right, like, where is his place in the industry now?

“Swalla” was an absolute bop, even if the lyrics were a bit shit, “If I’m Lucky” was just a bore with bad lyrics, and now, “Tip Toe” has a decent production and once again, crap lyrics.

The track features an R&B and hip-hop mix which plays a similar pattern to “Swalla,” but nowhere near as catchy or dance-inducing – oh, and he sings his name at the beginning again!


The entirety of this song is talking about a woman with a “thick” buttocks and I’m not here for it, I’ve heard them all before and the millionth time doesn’t impress me, shock me or give me any kind of life.

Montana has a semi-decent verse if you forget the whole “Left cheek, right cheek” thing which just wastes his bars.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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