Eminem – “Walk On Water” ft. Beyoncé | Review

“Walk On Water” shines two very different lights on the artists involved – unfortunately for Eminem gets cast in a bad light, once again.

We were expecting new Eminem material, he has made no secret of that fact, but when it dropped on Friday it was a little bit of a shock – but does it give us the excitement that his material used to ignite in us?

Well, no not really.

Since the moody “Love The Way You Lie” back in 2010, Eminem has religiously stuck to this serious nature where his voice always sounds like he’s rapping with a clenched fist.

The lyrics here are obsessed with his own fame and relevance in rap, (“the crowd has gone, is it time to wash out the blond”) and it’s not pretty – in fact, it’s pretty damn ugly.

Although, there is a saving grace and it comes in the form of music Goddess, Beyoncé.

The mother of three has the superhero-like presence over music, she doesn’t release anything short of spectacular, and her godly delivery here is just perfect.

But as the song ends and Beyoncé assumingly ends it, Eminem comes back to declare that “bitch, I wrote Stan,” honey, we know, it was a long time ago.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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