Dua Lipa – “Swan Song” | Review

Dua Lipa is back with “Swan Song,” taken from the upcoming soundtrack to Alita: Battle Angel – but does it match the greatness of her previous singles?

After a breakthrough 2017, Lipa kept the momentum up through a string of collaborations that dominated the charts (“One Kiss” with Calvin Harris and “Electricity” with Silk City) as well as gifting us her repackaged version of her debut album – can we all just take a moment to appreciate how great her k-pop collaboration with BLACKPINK actually was.

With “Swan Song,” she continues to go from strength to strength, but it also takes her in a slightly new direction.

Yes, on first listen you still get the synthy sounds that you’re used to with the artist, but on closer inspection, there’s a definite R&B edge to each pulsating beat, something we come to expect from The Weekend, for example.

Lipa’s moody, laidback vocals are gone and replaced with a more present vocal – a vocal that carries purpose.

The Albanian-born star took to Instagram to give us a bit of back story to the song – possibly explaining the slight change in vocal placement.


Does this mean a new direction for the UK’s brightest star? Possibly, we just can’t wait for a new album from the star!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

One thought on “Dua Lipa – “Swan Song” | Review

  1. The page is professional, respectable and a brilliant review of song. I can’t wait to see more of the blog or reviews on relevant things.

    Keep slaying and I will continue to watch and comment

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