Ally Brooke – “Low Key” (ft. Tyga) | Review

Ally Brooke finally releases her debut solo single, “Low Key,” but we’re getting serious “Havana” vibes.

Being the last member of Fifth Harmony to release solo music, there are always going to be comparisons, especially when one of those people has seemingly become a pop princess, of course, we’re on about Camila Cabello – let’s not forget Normani’s run of strong songs!

Let’s put the positives out in the world first; “Low Key” is incredibly catchy, it’s chorus will be jammed in your head from first listen and you might just be singing it for a few hours.

Tyga’s verse also sounds very natural in the song, fitting the flow rather than disrupting it.


There is no escaping the fact that Brooke’s latin-pop flavoured track sounds strikingly similar to her former bandmates breakout hit – coincidence or trying to jump on the back of its success?

It’s not just the same kinda sound which could be put down to the genre, the chord progression is the pretty much the same.

Only time will tell if the public will take to “Low Key” the same way as they did “Havana,”  but my guess is they won’t.

Check out the catchy track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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