Song of the Week: MARINA – “Handmade Heaven” | Review

MARINA has returned with a new name and a refreshingly free new single in the form of “Handmade Heaven.”

You may be thinking that you recognise that voice, that name and that photo…well, chances are you do! The artist formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds took a break after falling out of love with music and has returned with a new, positive outlook.

MARINA fans will be very happy, not only with the fact she’s back after a time where she didn’t even think she’d return to music, but “Handmade Heaven” is still distinctly her!

However, taking away the more commercial aspect that dominates her previous two albums, we hear a free and unrestrained MARINA, where her voice is allowed to take centre stage around the simple, atmospheric swirls and synths behind her.

And that’s what pushes this song to the top of the crop this week, the joy that she seems to have while singing this, the freeness of everything – she actually sounds happy to be singing again.

“In this handmade heaven I come alive”

We’re very happy to have MARINA back – now we await the album and what else she’s got up her new sleeves!

Check out the new track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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